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The sustainable urinal

The GreenPee is available in 2 models, the GreenPee Single and the GreenPee Duo. made of durable stainless steel.
*Both models can optionally be equipped with a smart level sensor.

GreenPee Single

Dimensions: 96 x 105x 82cm (W x H x D)
Capacity: 300 toilet visits

Weight: 220kg (empty)

GreenPee Double

Dimensions: 69 x 105 x 69 cm (W x H x D)
Capacity: 450 toilet visits

Weight: 300 kg (empty)

Customize your GreenPee

The side panels of the GreenPee are available in various models, which ensures that the GreenPee can be adapted to any environment in terms of appearance and identity. You can for example print a logo, a figurative mark or a text on the GreenPee. The GreenPee is also available in all RAL colors.

Step 1:

Choose a color

Step 2:

Choose your plants

Step 3:

personalise your GreenPee with your own logo


The GreenPee is not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable. The GreenPee does not need to be connected to the water or sewage system, which means less pollution for the environment. In addition, the GreenPee contributes to a circular economy. The GreenPee collects urine in a container that is filled with odor absorbing hemp fibers. After composting, this fiber-urine-mixture becomes a phosphate-rich organic fertilizer. This fertilizer can be used to fertilize parks and green areas in a natural way. The GreenPee is equipped with a practical in-hydro system with a 30 liter reservoir for the collection of rainwater. This ensures that the plants only need to watered sparingly, even in the dry season.

Environmentally friendly & water-saving
Fully self-contained (no water or sewage connection required)
Capacity for 200 or 300 toilet visits
Easy installation
Custom design
Positive appearance through design and color
Adds some green space to the streetscape
In-hydro system for watering and nourishing the plants
Odorless thanks to the use of hemp fibers
Easy to empty thanks to its internal roll-tank system
The GreenPee can be optionally equipped with a smart level sensor