From hemp fibers
to fertilizer


The sustainable urinal

The GreenPee collects urine in a container that is filled with odor absorbing hemp fibers. After composting, this fiber-urine-mixture becomes a phosphate-rich organic fertilizer.

How does the GreenPee work?

While nature’s call is being answered, the urine is collected in an internal roll-tank filled with hemp fibers. When the roll-tank is full, it can be removed from the GreenPee and exchanged for another empty one that comes standard with the GreenPee.

Processing of the hemp mixture

The full tank is then emptied and the remaining mixture of urine and hemp fibers can e.g. be delivered to companies in charge of municipal green areas that can use it as an organic fertilizer after composting. The fertilizer can also be used for urban farming and roof gardens.

Smart sensor

There are two ways to check whether the GreenPee is full and needs to be emptied. You can choose to check the level yourself regularly or save yourself some time and choose the GreenPee with a smart level sensor. This smart sensor measures the urine level and automatically sends you a text message when the tank is almost full.

Sustainable total care package

We offer tailor-made maintenance contracts which include emptying the GreenPee, keeping it clean and taking care of the plants for you. We do this in a sustainable manner. For example, we do not use water to clean the GreenPee and we donate part of our profits to social projects. You can of course also choose to take care of the maintenance yourself.