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15 June 2018by greenpee0

The mineral phosphate is indispensable for the growth of plants and therefore important for the agricultural industry. However, the main mining areas in China and Morocco are slowly being depleted. Phosphate reserves will dwindle in the near future. It is therefore important to think ahead about other ways of producing phosphates.

One of the possibilities is the extraction of phosphates from human urine. Human urine is rich in phosphate. So it would be a shame to literally flush away this precious mineral.

The GreenPee is our answer to the impending shortage. It works the following way: The GreenPee collects urine in a container that is filled with odor absorbing hemp fibers. After composting, the hemp-urine-mixture becomes a organic fertilizer rich in sulphates. Several African farmers have already tested the potential benefits of urine-enriched fertilizers with very positive results (see picture). Their vegetable yield was twice as high as when using a regular fertilizer without urine.

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